Just like Cigarettes, Shisha is Tobacco and it is the leading cause of Cancer

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September 13, 2017
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What is Shisha? It is simply flavoured tobacco that is usually smoked through a water pipe. Like cigarettes and other tobacco products, it is the leading cause of cancer. Most people do not no realize this and have long believed a lie. It is not true that smoking shisha is safer than smoking cigarettes. Here are some of the key things to note about smoking Shisha.

  1. Shisha smoke contains carbon monoxide and heavy metals – it reduces your blood’s ability to carry oxygen and leads to clot formation which is a cause of heart attacks or stroke.
  2. Shisha smoking delivers nicotine—the same highly addictive drug found in other tobacco product.
  3. The risk of mouth cancers are thought to be higher from shisha smoking than from other types of tobacco smoking due to the length and frequency of the smoking sessions
  4. Many Shisha smokers share their mouthpiece and are exposed to the risk of contagious oral diseases like Herpes, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis.
  5. Shisha can cause skin damage and sight degeneration.  Food and chemical toxicology studies show that the concentration of nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide in shisha exposes the users to issues with their skin and sight.
  6. Shisha smoking is one of the risk factors for prostate cancer. The idea that smoking tobacco through water will filter out cancer-causing chemicals is a myth and has no scientific basis. 
  7. Compared to a single cigarette, shisha smoke is known to contain higher levels of arsenic, lead, and nickel, 36 times more tar, and 15 times more carbon monoxide than cigarettes. The amount of smoke inhaled during a typical hookah session is about 90,000 millilitres (ml), compared with 500–600 ml inhaled when smoking a cigarette.This means that when you smoke Shisha, you can inhale the same amount of smoke as from more than 100 cigarettes. 

One more thing

Shisha smokers are exposed to hundreds of potentially dangerous materials at one time. List of carcinogens present in tobacco smoke are: Naphthalene (an ingredient for camphor), Arsenic (used in rat poison), Tar (material for paving roads), Acenapthylence (used in making dyes, soap, insecticide and pesticide), Pyrene (also used to make insecticides and plastics), Anthracene (used in wood preservatives), just to name a few of the more than 4000 chemicals. 

Shisha is tobacco and tobacco is bad for you