I Stopped Smoking and this Happened

4 Benefits of Implementing Smoke free Laws
June 9, 2020
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So you have been thinking about quitting smoking for a while and are wondering if it will make a difference in your health. You have probably wondering if it makes a difference as you may have heard scary stories about how tobacco causes irreparable damage to your respiratory and cardiovascular system. We are happy to tell you that it does and here are five benefits that happen to you when you quit smoking:

Your body heals.

Within minutes after smoking your final cigarette, your body starts to heal. This happens gradually as the body starts to repair itself and clears itself of all toxins. Eventually, the benefits grow over the years as physical healing is constant.

Improved mental health

Smoking cigarettes have been scientifically proven to negatively affect one’s mental health as it increases tension, anxiety and other mental health disorders. Quitting cigarettes can improve your mental health significantly as the chemicals that increase mental health disorders are not present in the body. Substituting smoking habits for healthy hobbies such as meditation and exercise will keep you on track.

You save more money

Tobacco use also hurts our spending as well as active smokers spend an average of 5,000 Naira a month. When you sop smoking, you save more money and can put that money to better use by investing in personal development activities.

Higher productivity

Cigarette smoking cravings typically keep the mind busy as more smokers are thinking about when to have the next smoke. When you quit smoking, it becomes easier to concentrate for longer hours on a task without thinking about smoking. This will eventually improve your productivity.

Better sleep

Nicotine contained in cigarettes affects is scientifically proven to affect a smoker’s sleeping pattern. When you quit smoking cigarettes, you eventually start sleeping better than you did.