4 Benefits of Implementing Smoke free Laws

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May 18, 2020
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June 26, 2020
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There is always a risk involved in lighting up a cigarette or water pipe for the active and second hand smokers. Public spaces are domains people are more exposed to tobacco smoke.

Second hand smoke affects everyone, as anybody exposed may have a 30 percent chance of contracting tobacco related diseases.  


The only way to protect our non-smokers from tobacco smoke is through the implementation of smokefree environments in public spaces in restaurants, bars, educational and health facilities. There are many advantages of this, which include: 


Better health and well-being of people 

Smoke free laws in public places have proven to help improve the health of health and hospitality workers and the general population. People who work in public places are also highly at risk of diseases caused by second hand smoke. These laws do not only protect the health of the general public but also health care workers. 


Butt free environment 


Scientific studies have shown that cigarette smoking is not only a health issue, but an also environmental issue. Cigarette butts are littered around the country causing chemicals to leach into the environment which could lead to land, water and air pollution. Tobacco cultivation also leads to deforestation and land degradation mostly in developing countries. 


One of the best ways to protect the environment is by encouraging people to quit and enforcing tobacco control regulations. 


Reduced rate of  young smokers


Young people tend to emulate what they see other people do and that goes the same with tobacco smoking. Tobacco companies have capitalised on the vulnerability of their young targets by aggressively marketing their products to make them seem cool. Enforcing tobacco laws can help create a positive environment where young people are dissuaded from tobacco marketing. 


Reduced fire risks 

Cigarettes or coals from water pipes that fail to extinguish exposed to flammable materials can cause destruction, injuries and worse, death. They have also been one of the causes  of wild forest fires in the past. Smoke free laws can prevent fire hazards in our environment caused by burning tobacco.