3 Parents share how their smoking habit affected their kids

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April 17, 2020
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April 24, 2020
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Do you know 25,000 Nigerian children smoke everyday?  A lot of adult smokers start from childhood, usually as a result of peer pressure. One of the most common reasons for child smoking is exposure to people around who smoke. Smoking can be a gateway to doing other drugs which can affect their physical and psychological health. Here are three stories of people whose smoking habits affected their children


Low birth weight


I started smoking when I was in university before I had my first child. When I became pregnant, I was advised not to smoke at all. I gave into my cravings and smoked every now and then. I switched to shisha because I assumed it was a safer option. I gave birth to my child 6 months into my pregnancy at a dangerously low weight. The condition was so critical I could not take my child home for two months. I stopped smoking immediately after because I realised my habit was affecting somebody else. 


Shortness of breath  


Smoking was a norm growing up as my parents were smokers. I smoked around our kids every now and then but I didn’t see it as a big deal because I was not affected by my parents’ smoking. My wife and I got a call from their school because my son had been breathing heavily after playing which never happens. My wife got nervous and decided to go to the hospital to run some tests. It turns out he was affected from second hand smoking which caused him to have a respiratory infection. I didn’t stop immediately, but I eventually did because of my kids. 


An adult smoker


I found out my son was a smoker when I caught him doing it. He said it was a habit he picked up from me when he was much younger. He would steal some for himself when I sent him to buy cigarettes. He’s a regular smoker now and I don’t know how to convince him to stop. If he wasn’t so exposed, maybe he wouldn’t be a smoker in the first place.